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[How To] Rules in Q&A / Assistance
We please all players that if they want to make assistance / support thread, they have to accept the following:

1. Never ask account informations. The Empire-WoW team will NEVER ask for that, we can help without those informations.
2. You can share files only from imgur and mediafire or the team will delete the thread and warn the user!
3. Never give any informations of your private life or account, e-mails, passwords, bank account etc..
4. Only make thread if you are sure about it, dont copy paste guide from another forum.
5. If you need help, please make a thread in Questions section, clearly and simple. We will try to answer it fast as we can.
6. Don't try to sell - trade or gift your account on the forum, we have 0 tolerance against those actions.

The Empire-WoW team is not responsible for any loss!

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